Renaissance Theme Song, Its a dream come true for me.

This is a theme song for Jecrc’s annual fest Renaissance. Its a dream come true for me. I m attaching the Mp3 version of this performance. We have recorded it when we were practising it. If you want to see the stage performance of this song than go to this link

I have wrote this song while I was attanding my first Renaissance. But It couldnt be converted into a complete song. Than after that failure. I wrote this song again in second year. Somehow this time was also the same story. Its very tough to get some composers and players who can actually create originals. and in the third year it happened again I wrote it again completely fresh. But It was also a failure. But wait I still have my last year. This time I found someone who really love the music to the core of his heart. Anshul Medatwal. My classmate who plays guitar extremly well. He also never performed on stage during this four years. So two hidden artists met and decided to burn the curtains. There was one more man who was in our team. Mr. Anoop Singh. He is a gem singer and also unsung during college time. Now first we composed the song completely and decided to sing it in chorous. We had one more singer with us. Abhishek Swami. This man has very potential. He has one more talent. He is a great dancer as well. He is in the team of Enigma Dance Group. But we need some more musicians. at least a drummer could make us complete. So we found a genius drummer. AAditya Patvardhan. He was the most talented guy in our team. We prepared the complete song and there it was the moment when our band was on the stage. My dream was about to be succeed. and jecrc find it cool. they liked it. some of them gave us Standing Owetion. When there was that loud sound of clapping I lived my dream in that moment. So that was my theme song story. 🙂

हमारी जान है ये , सबकी पहचान है ये ,
हमारा जूनून है ये , दिलो का सुकून है ये ,
हमारी तरह तुम अहसास करो ,
come on feel renaissance

हस्ते हुए मुंडेरों से गाती हुयी बहरे चली ,
येह आग है जली जली , मस्तानी हवाए हुयी ,
कोई नई झनक बजी , सुरों की नयी धनक है सजी ,
कोई नई झनक बजी , सुरों की नयी धनक है सजी |
come on feel renaissance

एक बूँद ख्वाब की टपकी जो आँख से ,
अहसास हो गया हमें , है जोश अब जान में ,
इस जोश को तू दे सिरे , बन जाये नए सिलसिले ,
बढा कदम तू एक बार , पायेगा नया आसमाँ |
come on feel renaissance

तेरे लिए ही काफिले गुजरे है इसी रास्ते ,
हो चल तू संग संग लिए कुछ सपने अपने वास्ते ,
बदल जा तू अभी जरा , महक जा तू अभी जरा ,
है जो आग तुझमे तो दहक जा तू अभी जरा |
come on feel renaissance          H.P.RAHI

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