Hiren Pandya Rahi

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/hprahi

IMDB Profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3797908/

Hprahi As a Filmmaker

Kiski Kahani (2011)

Kiski Kahani – My directorial Debut
(Official selection in Jaipur International Festival 2012)

Kyu Jata Hai – Video Song (2013) (Direction)

Mora Mann – Video Song (2013) (Lyrics and Screenplay)

Bheed Mein Tanha – Video Song (2014) (Direction and Lyrics)

Katra Katra Sa – Video Song (2015) (Lyrics)

Saawariya – Video Song (2015) (Lyrics)

More Piya – Video Song (2015) (Lyrics)

Yeh Faasley – Video Song (2015) (Lyrics)

Sun Kabhi – Video Song (2016) (Direction and Lyrics)

Aapse mile hue – Video Song (2017) (Lyrics)

54 thoughts on “Hiren Pandya Rahi”

  1. Hey!

    Congratulations! And all the best 🙂 I saw a few pictures of your shooting on fb.. waiting for it to get completed.

    All the best again!

  2. Hi Hiren,
    first thing…since you are still young blood…do not…I mean do not…really!…ask people to give their emails etc….just leave a box where people are free to leave comments..anything they like….it’ll be fun even if they are anonymous and you have to learn to take a lot of shit….and you have to find a way to get somebody promote you in US…a lot of “desi” movies and “desi” ideas are getting funded because they have the potential to make money!…so find a way to do that….dont give up your day job yet…but if you are passionate and you have the drive…you have to give up something to get to your real dreams…One cautionary word…if you are India its more likely your dreams will get crushed than…say in US.

  3. a true story… which has changed life of whole b2k4 iiit-alld
    and a simple lady…

    i get you in jangir’s profile … he has been lill part of ‘surprising incidences’

    life is scripted .. we are puppets
    destiny vision … priduction of future.

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